My Anything butt guide to toilet training…

My Anything butt guide to toilet training…

When Henry was about 18 months I started thinking about potty training (probs too young?…I dunno) I realised I did not have a clue how a baby can go from nappies to using the toilet. It completely baffled me. I did the usual, started looking on google etc reading up about it and got more confused as a mum what I should be doing. I asked my friends, most had different takes on it and stories. I came to the conclusion that there is no right and wrong way and every child is different. I don’t think there is any specific age to start in theory and most articles I read suggested that your child will let you know. It’s important not to put too much pressure on them. I have found getting Henry familiar with the potty helped and the toilet time book was most helpful! It is not too expensive and had a guide to parents as-well as a book for your child and reward chart with stickers. Pirate Pete hasn’t had much of an impact really. I’ve heard that a musical potty exists also, so that could be fun. As you can see Henry’s chart is a little more exaggerated if I’m totally honest as he really likes stickers lol but he has managed a good few times now on his own. when he has done I have made a massive fuss and given him lots a praise!!….I think just take it as it comes, don’t stress about it and just be patient. Expect accidents to happen as they will and have faith that it will happen in time when they are ready. We have a way to go so if I discover anything else I will let you know. Hope this helps anyone who has worried about it…Good luck with whatever means and ways you decide…Potty on!….

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