Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep

Has anyone else found that since having a baby going to the supermarket on your own is like an actual treat…like it’s something to look forward to?..I don’t mind going with the kids but there’s something about that freedom you have again when you can just look around a shop you know what I mean?…….just me? Yes I think I am that sad and clearly need to revalidate my life….

Honestly though, my local Sainsbury’s has become a social event for me!…’s my new Saturday night out!!!….it’s like an old friend to me since having kids, my safe space for five minutes peace.

I remember when Henry was first born and I was feeling all sorts of mixed emotions, I felt under pressure to go to the gym so I got ready and said to Tom I’m off….I got in the car and instead of going to the gym I just drove to Sainsbury’s car park and cried, then listened to some music and chilled out then went home haha what a work out! And what a weirdo lolol……I think I just needed to think on my own and process what was actually going on…..lack of sleep with a new born was probably a lot to do with it.

My mum (aka Grandmother of Sons) comes up after work to see the me and the boys and it’s like a life line, I can have half an hour to go to Sainsbury’s and get some tea (or dinner, sorry it’s a Yorkshire thing) and it really breaks the day up, especially if it’s been one of those days with tantrums and tears! (…Not just the babies 😂🙈).

It’s great! I get to mooch around, I have a conversation at the check out with an adult and I feel part of society again! They know the boys as well as I often walk down and it’s nice, one of the ladies dog is called Freddie so she always remembers his name. Only thing is I seem to spend most of my money on that Sainsbury’s, you go in for one thing and end up spending £50 lol (maybe it’s a conspiracy) haha but I hear they are building a Lidl down the road soon so maybe I can save a few pounds.

Maybe you have a place you go to chill out and feel normal again, it might not be the supermarket it could be anywhere. Whatever helps and gets you through those days….

WOW what have you just witnessed and read?! Haha not cool at all! But It is what it is….living it up them shopping aisles and funding the economy! 😂🙈🙌🏻💕Xxxx

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