FUN on the Farm

FUN on the Farm

FUN on the Farm…

I love going on days out with the boys! It’s even better when it all goes smoothly and everyone has a nice time and no major dramas. There is always so much pressure on you as a mum to get it right all the time. I know it might not always be the case but from my experience no matter how helpful dad is, it always seems to fall on Mum to keep it all together, the glue if you like. (And that is no diss to dads! Tom would agree with me. Dad does an amazing job and I can’t speak for others)

I digress a moment… Growing up you eventually realise your mum is a person as-well… when I was a youngster mine and my best friends mum once forgot our browny promise and didn’t turn up to our recorder concert (‘we were there girls…just watching from outside the hall’) recorder concert…can hardly blame them haha me and my mum have laughed about it since!

I mean as mums we ain’t superwoman we are normal human beings! And for some mums like me…we can be naturally gormless and clumsy (it’s in my genetic code)…still we didn’t think we would turn into our own mothers one day….(She will hate me for saying that but it’s kinda true or at least some traits)

The first of December a day to remember! Good spirits and time for Christmas cheer.

What a lovely time to take the kids to see Santa…none other than the annual nursery trip to the farm….

Santa’s naughty list of mum f””k ups…

Number 1… getting lost…sat nav decides to take a rural route in the opposite direction

Number 2…been late

Number 3… been late again not getting ticket in time resulting in isolation from nursery group

Number 4…wearing knee high brown boots to a Santa event…no sir I do not work here and I won’t bring you a coffee I am just trying to find a toilet in this breakfast club grotto.

Number 5…finally sat calmly and not realising your 10 month old is no longer visible…yes Freddie had slipped nearly out of high chair and was clinging onto table for dear life…

Number 6…finally enjoy a nice coffee….remember to move said coffee away from 10 month old…(all over floor) thankfully not on him

Number 7….I didn’t realise I had to wear a Christmas jumper and put kids in matching…Henry had to make do with his fire engine 🚒 jumper….at least it had red on it?!?!

Number 8…forgetting to get the boys calendars out the garage

Number 9…accidentally eating the entire contents of 2 selection boxes when I had no treats in the house this last week

Number 10….there is no number 10!….no wait…I’ve remembered… I haven’t bought an ‘elf on the shelf’ I simply can not be arsed….and they probs too young lol…give it a few years and I’ll probs be an ambassador for it (my temperament is some what hypocritical) but for now I hate that elf for no apparent reason okay

Despite all this… the boys had a great day out and loved getting a present from Santa and we also had a good time as-well….when we got back to the car we were drenched..not so much for the weather in the rain….Henry insisted we see every corner of the farm.

….Fair enough it wasn’t the ‘perfect’ day but describe perfect?!…. these are your times with your children…do you think they care if you are the perfect mum all the time? No…does every outing have to be perfect? No…it’s what you make of it and make the best of it because believe it these little guys ain’t little forever and I know it’s hard work sometimes momma but oh it so will be worth it in the end and all the memories you have with your little ones…well it’s priceless…so stop worrying about all the times you may or may not f***k up because the bigger picture is so much more important. So If you do happen to ‘f**k up’ (obviously all be it not too seriously) laugh at yourself and remember perfection does not exist (a few people would argue this..) but remember to Have FUN And actually to your little ones you are superwoman 💕🙌🏻 xxx

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