Mad Friday

Mad Friday

Mad Friday

Well I’ve had some pretty Mad Fridays over the years, not just Mad Fridays…some pretty mad weekends in all. Mad Fridays used to be a time of celebrating breaking up from work for Christmas! As a nurse I was often still working but if I could I would always try request Mad Friday off as it was a good night out and basically an excuse to get lashed. Partying times are a fond distant memory it may seem. I’m at home this Friday, it’s sad haha even my mother will be out celebrating….ah yes the good old days…

It’s safe to say the maddest thing I’ve done this Friday is waving goodbye to a 💩 turd! Yes just to update Henry has been doing much better with his potty training…I don’t know how or why he just decided to start using the toilet on holiday and we kept it up since getting back! It must be a Christmas miracle and I’m very proud of him and pleased. Henry is pleased too and that is why we clap, and sing and salute his triumph! 😂👏🏻 (maybe I can get one fully out of nappies before number 3 arrives 🙏🏻)….oh how times have changed, used to be necking jagger and tequila on a Mad Friday and dancing the night away. I’ll be sticking to my yorkshire tea and Justin’s house…I can still get a dance in at least.

What are your plans this Christmas then? Christmas is at my house this year! I’m totally unorganised I went to town yesterday and it was like hell! I couldn’t even remember what I needed, in and out I was, not staying any longer.

We are all sharing who does what for our meal..I’ve been to Sainsbury’s and bought ready made veg for my part lol…I mean it looks lush, there are some kind of multicoloured carrots I never Knew even existed, can’t go wrong.

…Kids are excited, we got them a sack each… I wondered if it would be enough but by the sounds of what everyone else has bought the kids we will need are extension ASAP! just to cope with the sheer amount of toys they will have.

Chocolate is everywhere. I didn’t realise how far up Henry could reach now, he managed to grab the chocolate coins from the mantle piece! It was a chocolate massacre all over the living room…he was kind enough to share with his little brother..I can not be certain he hasn’t ate the foil but they both seemed okay seen as though they were laughing at me.

It was a struggle getting the Christmas cards this year like do I even get cards?i bought my mum one but forgot I was married…Tom and the kids had to send their own. It’s confusing because I have a grandma and grandad and mum and now the babies have the same so it’s like how many cards do I need haha 😂

We don’t have enough chairs at the table so garden chairs it is. Tom has practiced his piano so we can all have a sing song. I’ll be sure to share that for your entertainment and comedy value.

Well I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for supporting my blog so far, and to all the mommas a stress free magical time with your bubbas’ ❤️👶🏼🎄 xxxxx

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