New Year! New Me!

New Year! New Me!

New year…New Me?? Christ I don’t even know myself half the time,let alone what day it is anymore. I have had a fantastic 2018. The birth of my beautiful Freddie Rupert George, my sisters wedding, holidays and outings with friends. Blessed. I guess I have a lot to be thankful for and hopeful for. I’ve had a few ups and downs naturally, a few court appearances (minor offences honestly) but no overall disasters that I can recall. Here are a few of my New Years resolutions to attempt to stick to. so here goes….

1. Don’t forget Freddie’s birthday in January

2. Remember to pack your hospital bag

3. Keep up with the cleaning

4. Nap whenever and wherever possible

5. Give birth

6. Raise a newborn

7. Continuing raising my boys

8. Be nice to my husband

9. Start slimming world at some point and actually slim down not eat more

10. Have pink hair again (I just love pink!)

11. Stop swearing

12. Be calmer

13. Try not to get pregnant this year

Happy New Year Folks! 🥳

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