The Nesting Fever

The Nesting Fever

The Nesting Fever

Hello 3rd trimester! We have welcomed you with open arms, an angry whale and a lot of tears yesterday. We had a lovely day out with the boys and went for a New Year’s Day walk. I couldn’t manage to get my nap in and…well…basically lost it. I cried hysterically and started to question my life having been so positive this new year. I transitioned into the momma hulk! Must be a hormone surge! Why is it when your having a melt down someone always calls in for a coffee…oh hi dad! (Better chill my beans and make a brew)🙈 😂

I’ve still got a good three months until baby number 3 is due but I’m getting that restless feeling already…like I need to get organised and pack my hospital bag. I can’t even remember what is needed. need my cleaner back! need to decorate! need more space! need to wash the carpets and clean the sofas! I need to clean the leaves off the driveway! I can hire a skip?! Dunno what for but I feel it’s what is needed?! 😂🙈

I went to town the other day and bought adult nappies for the post birth part, I’ve never used them before and not necessarily needed them but it’s like you never know when you might need an adult nappy 😂🙈. (What?!?)

You would think with my 3rd on the way that I would have been more prepared for this nesting period. I’ve never really done anything by halves so it’s no surprise that I have took nesting to an extremity in both my previous pregnancies to some degree.

Two weeks before Henry was born we moved house! No wonder he came early, it’s a good job we moved. We had a lot of help from my family and friends and George the removal man. It was a nightmare though. we had a trip to a&e in the process as a photo frame fell onto my papa and smashed his nose in. My bestie cleaned the kitchen! it was spotless….it’s first time id seen it that clean since I’d moved in. I dunno who this girl was that day but she brought her A game! I had never seen her as organised in my life! It was freaky but much needed and she definitely saved the day! Haha

Here’s a few of my tips on nesting if you like. Let’s start with

How not to nest…


Start a major decorating project half way through your pregnancy! Who try’s to decorate their own hallway. Fair enough if your a DIY expert but not if your like me, I get more paint on myself than the walls, on the bottom of my feet also! How does that even happen, I was trying to save money. Going to have to get a new carpet now it’s covered in paint! It’s a mess. Every time I look at it I get upset because I want it to be neat and it ain’t 😭😭😭

Enrol on a course at college

(Why am I planning my new career when it’s Gonna be a near impossibility to leave the house let alone attend a course. I can’t exactly strap the baby to me and go about my business and don’t feel confident I want to leave my newborn at nursery.)

Get rid of your cleaner (if your lucky enough to have one)

Leave everything till the last minute, yes I have had two babies before but I can’t remember what or how I got through the newborn phase or what I need.


Get a dishwasher!!!!! Omg my life has changed so much. 🙏🏻 blessed

Rest when you can

….I have amazing news…my saviour is coming back to me. My cleaner! She is amazing! She works her magic and just makes me feel better about everything.

There is a god after all HALLELUJAH 🙌🏻


How ever you decide to feather your nest, enjoy it! I wonder what your other mums get up to when nesting…

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