Little Big

Little Big

Little big

I was sat watching the the vote in parliament last night and I know the majority didn’t vote in favour of Theresa and her deal. I don’t claim to understand any of it but on a basic level it just seemed like a circus, I mean have people just lost it?! What happened to the government working together?! I don’t think what we are seeing is anything new but it just seems that the point is completely missed.

Theresa May, I don’t know what she has or hasn’t done. I don’t particularly agree nor do I disagree but when you strip it all back she is a woman doing her job for the country to the best of her ability…and we can not claim to have any infinity to how she has or is doing her role because we are not in her position and are only fed what we know through the media. How can we possibly have a positive outcome if we are fighting amongst ourselves. We need to find common ground. I feel sorry for her.

I dunno how or why but this topic got me thinking about how we are as people and as adults….we are so offended these days by everything and everyone…we are so disconnected in a way from each other that we cannot see the bigger picture sometimes. Are we all just children trying to be adults still?! I mean when do you become an adult?! When you reach a certain age…when you legally reach a milestone….this concept of time is something we created.

To me we are who we are, we are a product of our beliefs, childhood, experiences, DNA the list goes on.

we only know how to be by being who we are and not one person is the same. So what is an adult?

I think a lot of us are just lost children trying to find our way through life, to find meaning and purpose. But what if this thing called adulthood restricts us from reaching our goals and what we are supposed to be.

We can learn a lot from our children and I believe we do as parents. The one thing that we don’t seem to be as worried about as children is FEAR or what might be. FEAR of the future and the consequences of our actions. Children are fearless most of the time in that sense, they live in the moment and appreciate life. What if we could keep this idea as adults? would we be more forgiving? more fearless?more…happy?

Are we all just children still trying to role play at adults?!

When I was 16 years old I thought I knew it all and that I had reached the peak of my existence. For as long as I can remember I think this is the last time I can remember not feeling anxious and worried about anything. I had no cares, yeah I had responsibilities. I had always tried to have a part time job but Tesco express wasn’t going to stop me from going to Falaraki for a week with my mates…safe to say I rang in sick from the pool side 😂🙈. Now I’m not proud of this but god did we live it up and have a good time!….I would never dream of doing this as an ‘adult’ haha. But that’s the thing we all put so much pressure on ourselves to conform and be ‘perfect people’. We are fundamentally flawed, human and I think that is the best thing about us all.

I Thought as you got older you became more confident… it’s true to some extent but you are still the same person just a-bit wiser…..but still clueless as to what the hell its all about. What is this FEAR all about though? Fear of rejection…fear of death?!….fear of ourselves?…no we can’t live this way let’s be honest. We will all die someday (sorry but it’s true and we shouldn’t be worried or scared about it) Instead we should make it count and try make the world a better place. I believe we were put on this earth to help others and however we do that I dunno but what if we all did help each other…it’s a nice ideal.

Maybe we can learn a lot from our children…about forgiveness, innocence, humility, jealousy, love, hate, anger, joy, honesty, right, wrong and maybe the key is to try live in the child state where time feels forever. Like when you were in the car and kept asking ‘are we there yet?’…..not yet…it’s kind of ironic how as children we are so quick to grow up and play at adults all the time…yet we get there we still don’t know what we are doing and get it wrong sometimes as real adults.

I think we have to learn to work together and unite and somehow tolerate each other more and embrace difference. I feel like I’m becoming some sort of preacher?! Haha

But it’s just been on my mind, this pregnancy tends to be making me think all sorts…next thing I’ll be going on about world peace!!! 😂

But it’s food for thought I guess and I do fear for the future and what’s to come if we carry on living in a society where we simply don’t care about people anymore ( I know it’s not always the case).

Will Brexit ever be sorted out?!….we are not there yet. Maybe we should ask the children/adults of the future what they would want?….

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