Mum files part 2: bent neck lady

Mum files part 2: bent neck lady

Mum files part 2: bent neck lady

So I’ve just started watching the haunting of hill house. I know the hype has died down over this but I wasn’t cool or brave enough to watch it at the time. You see I’m trying to conquer my fear of labour and what better way than to watch a scary series (or hold a pillow and watch clips while listening) than to Face the fear of mine…scary films

Ever since I was a child I have never been able to cope with scary films I have such a vivid imagination.

In term of Henry I have not heard anything else about the ‘dead cock’ ghost so I assume he was just trying to say clock. However we were in the car the other day and he started to say ‘bye house, bye car, bye dead grandma….wtf who?!?

Sorry Henry dead grandma…what’s she called …’erm dairy polly?!’ Whattttt lol

Then the other night he said he saw dead grandad in the living room and he was blue…….wtf 😳😳😳😳😳

It’s a week later now and I’ve just got over the bent neck lady, I thought I’d take a dig into the old series of Luther now after watching the new one! (So good) it’s amazing how much of the story you forget! Thought I’d try something abit more light hearted 😂👍🏻

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate IDRIS

And again….

Not scared now 🙌🏻💕😂 xxxx

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