The Mum Matrix

The Mum Matrix

The world social media and ‘mum blogging’ has me hooked and it’s serious game. Who would of thought that there was a whole other alternate universe of online mum phenomenon with its own rules and possibilities…it’s endless. I never realised this whole other realm existed, it’s crazy there are so so many Mum bloggers out there all doing their own thing.

I’ve learnt so much about social media recently…especially Instagram in terms of engagement, algorithm (yes🙄)…ever heard of looping? engagement groups? … the Instagram police or Instagram Jail?

Jail?! ME NEITHER but I’m part of a few now (not jails…groups) and they are really inspiring mums from all other the world sharing their stories and supporting one another in business and it’s great all be it a tad addictive.

Okay it’s time to address the issue and face the facts….my ears are burning. Yes friends this is my written apology to you all for been as annoying as hell and clogging up your Instagram with ‘loop’ pages after loop pages, not the mention the cute photos of the boys! But this Mum blogging gig….it’s quite…well serious if you want to keep in and grow your account haha. I would like to thank you true friends for staying loyal and not unfollowing me haha (unlike some who have and I know who you are, Yes I’ve got this very strange app…something else i picked up in this blogging world)

I was really surprised and naive when I started it but am overwhelmed with the love and support shown and have helped a few mums out and met some really cool mums from across the world. Funnily enough where ever you are in the world mums share the same struggles and it’s nice to know you are not alone.

Well I’ve been going with my blog page for a couple of months and without realising I have entered into a world of Mum blogging, business mums, entrepreneur mums….it’s a big club out there and highly competitive…did you no you can actually make a few quid blogging…well I didn’t. Anyway I thought I’d participate…

Little did I know that I was going to become a ‘looper’ yes it’s an active way toGain more followers, more engagement on Instagram and lead to good things I hope…

I know it’s not politically correct but some mums out there are literally loopy and quite mean. They take this Instagram thing really seriously and its like a minefield. You don’t get post on time and your blocked…it’s dog eat dog. I’ve had people have ago at me for not posting something (sorry I was having my tea….Hun it’s 0400am uk time what?!) it is entertaining though and fun. It’s good meeting new mums.

I’ve only had a couple of creeps because it does make me worry about posting loads about the boys and who could be looking at them…just got to be careful online. If there is any mums out there wanting to give blogging ago I would say go for it! If I can do it so can you and it’s keeps your mind busy.

my husband reminded me lately that I post so many pics of the kids and while I think they are amazingly cute and adorable and think you must need to see this in your life I’m perfectly aware that it can also be annoying as fuck

If I’m honest before kids I used to actually despise it like think it was sad. Omg posting pics of your kids is that all you do all day…oo look at some spaghetti and mess on his face….and….yeah it’s not funny and looks gross lol it is to you but not to your normal childfree pals (no offence please I mean no harm) haha

My photos used to have a beer or wine in hand, so most probably thought I was borderline alcoholic…I would refer to myself more a free sprit good time girl! 😂🙌🏻…now I have….a child in my hand…well 2 children and I dunno how I’m going to hold the third lolol

In the words of Demi levato…sorry…(I’m not sorry) lolol but I appreciate it all the same. I am surrounded by nothing but beautiful yet bonkers children who have become my world now… and my posts weren’t that interesting before anyway…

Seriously though if any of you mums fancy giving it ago, you should go for it. It’s a-bit a fun if anything.

Here is a pic of a burger I ate instead 😂🙌🏻 (jokes) ….bona petite baby! Xxx

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