Three is the magic number?!

Three is the magic number?!

3 is the magic number…

…3 is HARD WORK believe me. 3 is not for the faint hearted. I have always been able to cope in certain situations…a persona known as ‘army mode steph’ she is permanently around now. It’s a full time military operation, mission SURVIVAL!!!!!!!!!

My blog has been neglected recently so I will check in when I can in and amongst the sleep deprivation, new born, toddlers and daily Grind I am swamped in.

Outnumbered and alone the majority of the time, I cope the only way I know how by prioritising care, maintaining safety and risk assessing, performing hygiene needs, communication and stamina…id like to say that my nurse training prepared me for looking after people and thus children …but it didn’t…give me 10 patients any day…Looking after kids, well it’s different put it that way.

My main life line is routine. I don’t like to think I am too strict but in order to cope and have some form of sanity,routine is the way to go believe me. Not only that but I think it’s good to have some form of structure it’s just my way. Start as you mean to go on and stick to it as hard as it may be initially. Set meal times, and a good night time routine. I have always made sure of it and I am thankful now as both older boys go to bed nicely and sleep the whole night through. Newborn, I am hoping he will get the hang of sleeping eventually and I don’t expect sleep for at least 6 months in but it’s hard work staying awake in the night and then waking up at 630/7 to start the day with 3 kids.

The days are long 0630 – 0730 everyday…longer if husband is on-call. Most dads are home at tea time…not ours. He’s busy making sure patients are looked after and we are so proud but we miss him lots and it’s lonely.

Long days everyday…but even longer now because I’m with newborn 24/7 but 1 to me is a break now 😂👍🏻

Thinking of having 3 babies…here’s

some insight…

1. Don’t…but if you do remember I told you so 😂👍🏻⚠️

2. if you are crazy enough to do it be prepared… mentally. Know that it isn’t going to be perfect and you are not perfect have low expectations and take each day as it comes, know that some plans won’t come to light and sometimes you might not leave the house.

3. There is always one crying at some point in the day and you can’t get there because your carrying out a task or giving one attention etc

4. Having them so close in age means triple the nappies to change although One is nearly out of them in the daytime🙏🏻

5. You need two grey bins but it’s near impossible to get…

6. You cannot stop. Take your eye off the ball, slack off and you will regret it. Keep on top of it and maintain the peace or…rest and watch the drama unfold. Leave the room for 1 second and boom…

-faeces on the floor

-pen all over the doors and all over arms like a tattoo sleeve

-curtain rail pulled out of the wall

-photo frame sword fights

-climbing on the toy kitchen

-throwing the fire place rocks

-shampooing the carpet, hair and new clothes before we go out (where did That come from?!)

It doesn’t take much for me to cry these days it’s so tough but gosh they are cute and loving. I would not change a thing…just have a scheduled spa day…hire a nanny?!…Just kidding 😉🤣

Somedays are good, somedays are bad, somedays you make mistakes, somedays a success, somedays you feel like you can’t do it anymore but you have to keep going. All days worry, all days fear, all days guilt. But you know why? It’s because you care and you are a GOOD MUM so don’t be hard on yourself okay. That goes to all of you…you are more important now than you have ever been even though each day you often feel you are doing nothing profound…you are.

My boys …xxx

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