Book Reviewing

Book Reviewing

Let’s Talk To Mummy’s Tummy

On my Journey becoming a blogger I have engaged with some very wonderful, interesting and inspiring people. One in particular, a fellow Yorkshire Lass, Mummy and Author Helen Lacey. A mum of four daughters, 3 cats and 2 dogs! She has found time to Write this amazing book. Such a simple concept but explained beautifully with enough detail and understanding for you and your little ones.

Having another child can often be worrying. When I was pregnant with my second child I was worried how My first would feel about it, would he be upset, would he be worried, Jealous, excited. He was too young to explain to at the time. When my third child was born he was much more clued up. ‘Mummy’s baby in tummy’ I used apps but I didn’t really explain to him about what was happening to mummy. I was in hospital for a while after as well which was very confusing. I wish I would have had this book to help show and explain to him.

My eldest (2 1/2 years) loved the book and the illustrations. He instantly associated the baby with his new baby brother (3months old now) and he also recognised ‘mummy’s big tummy!’ He loved the pictures of ‘baby and his tail’ (the cord) and watching it grow from each page (the baby not the tail)

I think it would definitely benefit children of a slightly older age. However, it is very interactive and the stickers provided make it for fun learning and bonding for all the family, even great nanny. I would highly recommend this book and will be reading to my children if I decide to have a forth child..Helen I might need some more tips and advice about life with four!

Thank you so much for this beautiful book and for inspiring me.

If you are interested in purchasing this book I would highly recommend.

Stephy xxx

Available from Amazon: £14.99

Let’s talk to Mummy’s tummy

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