Transitional crisis stage aka a dogs dinner

Transitional crisis stage aka a dogs dinner

Train your child like a dog they say? A documentary that’s on tonight and has brought about much controversy…what are your views?

I think it’s a mum who has just about tried anything to help and thought why the hell not? I suppose the use of positive reinforcement and reward could be of good use in a child’s development in some respect, other aspects of dog training perhaps not and surely we cannot compare our children to dogs!! How morally absurd, unethical and categorically unacceptable (are some views) call social services? …

An untrained dog will get over excited, pee everywhere, ruin your furniture, drool a lot, make a mess and leave little poo’s on the carpet… and toddlers don’t do that at some point in their little lives huh?!

I don’t agree with it, I don’t agree with training your kid like a dog. But I’m going to hear the girl out she might have some transferable skills.

Its very coincidental that this morning I’ve just had to purchase a tall pet/baby gate. I dunno what else to do to stop the kids running around the house at night and I don’t want to raise my voice anymore, when you loose it, it just doesn’t help the situation or help anyone, plus they thrive on your lack of control and laugh hysterically while trying to climb you and get you to play horse 🐎

For me I feel it is a very stressful time for our little family. The pressure is constant, probably heightened by the fact I’ve stopped taking Citalopram but I’m riding it out.

We have a lot going on at the minute

Henry starting school in September (kindergarten)

Freddie is climbing out the cot and climbing everywhere and jumping everywhere and throwing himself everywhere

Monty has being poorly and is teething, and weening

This combination is lethal. Having 3 children under 3 is very very hard. I estimated it would be, but I completely underestimated this stage. I did not see it coming. We are trying to keep it together as a family unit but it really is testing.

Our Third child in and you may be pleased to know that we finally have the child that does not sleep…yes the smugness is diminishing.

You may also like to know that my sturdy, fall proof nighttime routine that I had worked tirelessly to perfect has had some challenges lately to say the least.

Our now 18month old can no longer be contained within the cot and has taken to doing WWE stunts out of the cot frame onto the floor. My soon to be 3 year old has discovered he can open his bedroom door and come down stairs numerous times to finish conversations and ask the question ‘what are you doing’ and ‘mummy can I just’ we also have a 5 month old in the mix currently teething, getting over a chest infection and beginning to ween and NOT SLEEPING.

Its overwhelming that I once was in control of this sleep routine and now Im out of control and don’t have a clue what to do, these children are taking over I need to stay calm and gain order again somehow. I need super-nanny!

Can I get a lock on the bedroom door? I can’t contain them like ‘dogs’ can I?

Train your baby like a dog airs tonight on channel 4 8pm despite 1000s signing a petition to have it cancelled. Will you be watching tonight?

Should be very interesting…I fancy a change from the handmaids’s getting even more depressing if that can be true. It makes me realise that my life isn’t as hard as ofFred/ofJoseph. even though my face is pretty much like hers …most of the time now

Remember a child is for life, not just for Christmas and dogs too for that matter…

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