So YOU want to be a mumblogger?

So YOU want to be a mumblogger?

So you want to be a mum blogger?

It’s coming up to my 1 year anniversary of my blog… Happy BLOGIVERSARY!!!!

I can’t believe I only started this blog one year ago and it has been such a fantastic experience. I would have never have thought it would take off like it did and I have been overwhelmed with love and support so thank you so much. Not only that but I would like to hope that it has helped some other mums out there who were struggling like I was.

What started off as a hobby basically to stop me from sinking into a depression, turned into a little obsession (that rhymes! Ha). I just went with it. It started to steadily grow, the next thing I knew I was networking with other mums and brands, running my own loop page and making money. I even started making money from advertising. I have advertised big brands such as Spec-savers, Vauxhall, Rescue Remedy. More recently, Hula Hoops, Bassets Vitamins and Hunter Official have asked to use one of my images.

The boys have repped for boutique companies such as Ruby-mae, Little Babe Boutique, Tiny Stunners and myself Abella eye wear (slightly cringe!)

My blog posts were getting out there as-well! One Author in particular reached out about publishing an article in his book. I was also blessed enough to be published on Baby, Bump and You! And have become part of an online blogging community.

I literally had no business or marketing experience what so ever and it wasn’t my intention to use it for financial gain but you can.

So how does an average house wife from Huddersfield with 3 kids manage to become insta-famous? (ok, not quite the Kardashian’s) I do get recognised in Sainsbury’s by the locals (who already know me)

If I can do it any one can!

…want to know how?

Hard work, time and dedication…and a few tricks…

For the most famous they already have their platform but for the general population you have to work at it,to build and become visible.

For anyone interested in using Instagram as a platform or blogging here are a few hints, tips and advice. (I am by all means no expert at this trust me)

1. Research and Reach out. initially, I researched other Mum blogs and messaged them for advice. One mum in particular was really helpful. She ended up on ITV This Morning with her triplet girls dressed the same as holly Wilby. She was such an inspiration and so down to earth. She advised me to get involved in ‘loops’.

2. Grow and gain more followers


These are how you can increase your followers and liaise with other accounts, in my case Mum bloggers. The idea is that it is one big community and you share in your growth together…it may seem strange but putting it simply.

more followers + more engagement = more money per post.

My favourites

-women follow loop

-coffee talk mamas


Loops = followers

You can find out these on Instagram by typing in the search. A lot of mum bloggers specifically do loops so you can find them on their pages.

Taking part in loops allows you to gain more followers and become involved in engagement pods. These are groups put together so that you can share images and like each other’s posts allowing you to grow. The more growth the more visible you become on Instagram. Doing it this way is a lot more safer as you have more control on your audience and know you are getting authentic engagement.

You can pay for ‘ghost spots’ in Loops to increase your following without having to follow others but this can lead to unfollowing and a waste of your dollar to be honest. There are apps to track unfollowers and keep a track of who is engaging on your page. One in particular is called followers+ you can download it from apple. Be ready though because it can be soul destroying if people unfollow you and you can see it! I discovered this early on and found a few people I thought were friends unfollowing! Haha thanks! I bare no grudge but you have to have a thick skin and self-discipline to not get carried away with it.

Take it too seriously and personally = anxiety central!

Avoid this at all costs

3. The algorithm – Instagram algorithm is like a policing system making Instagram genuine and controlled. Therefore, it won’t let you grow to fast, like to many pictures etc

You have to be careful though, you don’t want to grow to fast too soon. All that happens is you end up with what is known as ‘ghost followers’ and you end up with a poor engagement rate.

Engagement rate is calculated on your first 15 posts, the amount of likes you have and the amount of followers.

Brands will look at your engagement rates

Words to become familiar with

1. Engagement rate


3. Stories

4. Content

5. Collab

6. Hashtags

7. Loops

Blog writing…

*Start your blog

-Wordpress is free (you can download the app from apple)

*Most important: ENJOY IT!

There is no point in doing it if you don’t enjoy.

To put it bluntly…if your doing it to compete then you are doing it for the wrong reasons and it is toxic!

Do it for you, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

People might have more followers, more likes but you can’t get obsessed with others. That’s not what it’s about, because in the grand scheme of things…does it really matter? Does anyone really care?…

Just concentrate on your account and it will be amazing! It’s your baby! Look after it…

*Use the right hashtags- hashtags can get your posts noticed! Thus increasing engagement…(£££)

Depending on your content use hashtags to target the audience you want to achieve

For example #toddlersofinstagram


These are fab but used by the majority so using more local # can also help with visibility.


When you become a parent it is so easy to forget who you are. Remember you are very capable so if you want to give it a bash go for it!

Life is taking me in a different direction now. I have recently become a student again! I’m really excited for the year ahead. I’m so proud of how far I have come since a one year ago. I had zero self-esteem and my confidence was rock bottom, in a rut and defeated.

You have to take control of your life and do something about it. You are the only one responsible for that.

I am in a much more positive place and looking forward to what the future holds. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world and so blessed to have an amazing family and support.

Here’s to the next year and wishing you all the best and for all your dreams to manifest 🙌🏻🎉💕

Happy blogging!…

Love Stephy 🙌🏻💕

‘Love a good knees up’ 🤣🙌🏻🖕🏻💕

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