The Night Before

The Night Before

My little prayer before labour…The night before….

It feels like the night before Christmas, I am

sat here alone on the induction ward eating the most delicious tea and toast and I feel so much at peace. I am rarely alone these days. This is the calm before the storm. I have been so anxious up until this point. 40 + 2 days, was sure I was in labour this morning so we came to the Maternity assessment unit. turns out only 2cm dilated! how can I not know what labour is lol i’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Truth is I am really grateful and feel safe to be here. I am waiting for a bed on labour ward to have my waters broke. I have been so apprehensive about the possibility of induction but I think it is the best thing for me and baby and I am trusting my instinct. they have offered this to me as i am past my due date and baby is a big boy!

In my few hours of solitude I am

humbled by the thought of my beautiful boys asleep in bed awaiting the excitement of their new brother. my gorgeous husband getting his much needed rest and savouring his loaf of sandwiches until tomorrow….

I am apprehensive about the pain of labour. I know that it is all part of the process and the pain is going to bring me closer to my baby. after losing Charlie last year, to get to this point is such an overwhelming emotional feeling. I am praying everything will be okay. but for now i am going to rest. i feel loved and i feel peaceful. please protect me angels and guide me xxxx

(and they did 💕)

Barnaby Laurence Piers

Born 1204 13/07/2021

my rainbow baby 🌈

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