Hi My Name is Stephy-Louise.  I have been Inspired by other mum bloggers and friends to start blogging about my daily life as a mum of two boys…soon to be 3! I would like to introduce you to my little boys Thomas ‘Henry’ Oscar (Age 2 years) and Frederick ‘Freddie’ Rupert George (10 Months). Sooo yes… third baby is on the way! And I believe it to be another boy! (I was told both sexes at different scans but I won’t go on about that story)…yes that will be 3 babies….under 3!!! I know what you may be thinking ‘she must be mad’…quite possibly but I’ll let you decide. Motherhood has not come easy to me despite appearances, I have struggled with post partum depression and anxiety also very often feel the fatigue of living with a chronic illness, Crohn’s Disease (No violins please I am probably just as knackered as other mums out there irrespective, but I am wanting to reach out to anyone who may be in a similar situation and help in some way)……Any way I live in Yorkshire…(sunny Huddersfield) with my husband Tom. We met at work him a doctor and I a nurse (cliche or what)… after a whirlwind romance we were pregnant and married within the year. We have family in London and just up the Road (thank god!)…. Fast forward to life now, family of 4 soon to be 5. Loving Life as a yummy mummy!!! 😂 (cringe). currently a former nurse and stay at home mum. The transition from full time work to full time motherhood has been overwhelming to say the least but I’m pretty much in the thick of it now and I am going to enjoy my journey as much as I can. With that said I’m giving this blogging a bash. Welcome to my Life as a Mother Of Sons 🦖💕 xxxx

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