The Great Escape

The Great Escape

Well hey there little…pineapple?! We have got to 29 weeks together. How the time has flown by and we are nearly at our destination. It’s nice to know you are enjoying punching my insides and pressing on my bladder all night… I have been anxious (understatement) about baby as the last scan said he was small. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about and I was told that growth scans can be unreliable but still it makes you wonder.

It is that time in pregnancy when it all sort of starts to become real. Like you aren’t just no sponge bob square pants (obviously) you are my baby and we will be meeting you very shortly. I know it will be magical (haha) and amazing and fingers crossed everything will be fineeeee!!…if only my anxiety would let me believe that. This type of anxiety is no joke. If you have ever felt this anxiety then you will know. It is like you have been taken over by something you have no control of…I can kind of rationalise it now and separate it from myself but it isn’t easy and no matter how rational you can be you are up against your surge of hormones at this stage.

Overthinking is my problem right now and trying to focus on the here and now. Instead my mind wonders to the labour, newborn baby and how will I manage, Will I ever leave the house again? How can I have forgotten what to do I have been pregnant for the last 4 years!!! It’s hardly a distant memory, although it feels that way.

It didn’t help that I had another panic attack…it wasn’t totally unwarranted. I can’t blame everything on my mentality or hormone imbalance. No, this was my dodgy DIY skills. 🙌🏻

I had tried to change some of the door handles for some new more up to date ones (because baby will need them 😂) and took it upon myself to attach them. They seemed perfectly secure and I checked the doors opened and shut. Jobs a good one! Off to bed I went. (I’m so good at attaching door handles maybe I could put up shelves now..? Hmm)

In the morning I went into the boys room! ‘Morning boys’ we pottered around and did our routine and when we were ready for breakfast I noticed that Henry had shut the door. I went to open it…no joy. I tried again…I began to panic! Me and the kids were trapped…next minute the door handle came off in my hand!

Omg…life flashed before my eyes!!! Thank god I put my pjs on at least!! S*** what do I do…yes I know I can prise the door open, the boys must have some tools in here?! I found some piece of metal in the top draw and tried to shove it down the lock, id seen it on Oceans 11 along time ago. No luck!…(omg we are going to be stuck in here forever! Well at least until tea time, what if we need to pee, we need breakfast!) henry started shouting ‘door mummy door!’ I tried not to panic…er ‘yes darling door stuck, don’t worry mummy will fix this don’t worry’….(how do I fix this). I could climb out of the window?! But I have no shoes on and can’t leave the boys and don’t have a house key to get back in…plus I am 8 months pregnant and dunno if the roof will hold my fat arse…also I can barely get out the window and it’s a fair drop down onto tarmac with no shoes…what to do?!!

I thought about shouting for help out of the window but I hadn’t reached the stage where I felt mortified enough and desperate. Luckily after about an hour of procrastinating my Chance came along, I saw my neighbour and shouted out the window (must of thought I was bonkers) 2 sets of plyers later we were free! One set fell on the roof…alongside Henry dummy that he chose to throw out in his attempt to help. The second set came up on some rope (genius) I managed to open the door!

We would Have been stranded! This triggered my anxiety about doors!!! What if the kids got locked in on their own! Im on my own with the boys and there is now 3 of them?! I’m not actually superhuman and I can’t get through doors….Gosh…all this drama……what if something goes wrong it’s just me here.. I will have to put plyers in every room from now on!

Need a rest. After id calmed down I went to make a coffee and try relax with a biscuit and cuppa. Have a break have a kitkat…or five.

Yes it’s safe to say that this third trimester is hitting me hard at the moment. The back ache, head aches, insomnia. I’m not feeling very inspired and it’s tough looking after the boys at minute as-well…not much longer to go just need to keep my energy up! Not long till little pineapple will be making his own great escape! Please don’t hurt too much 😂🙈💕👍🏻

As hard as it is we need to take time out and have some downtime. It’s tricky trying to juggle everything.

On my rare mum time out my favourite pastimes….

Top 10


2.scrolling on my phone

3.standing in the kitchen catch up tv snacks whilst standing in the kitchen

6.look at pictures of the kids on my phone my pictures of my kids on social media (I’m sorry… but not sorry) 😂

8.stare at the walls and windows

9.Go to the toilet in peace…..scroll on my phone 😂

10. Get my lashes done

The end

Finding time out to chill is few and far between now but I might as well get used to it! I think I spend far too much time on my phone now and social media..don’t we all? It’s escapism though really, it gives you an outlet to the outside world and sometimes there is interesting news or blogs to read…but not always.💕🙌🏻🙈👍🏻😂 xxxx

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