Social Media Or Anti Social Media?

Social Media Or Anti Social Media?

Social media or anti-social media? I suppose it’s entirely down to perception and interpretation.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about this social media business, and at times it’s almost antisocial?

…I went on a press trip recently and it was such a fantastic experience!

I have been blogging for almost 2 years now and never did I dream I would be doing what I am now. Somedays it feels like I’m a PR powerhouse which is great I’m not knocking it.

But sometimes what started as a personal blog has become more advertising…and feels somewhat less personal….

Saying that I love what I do and I am happy doing it, my platform means I am very lucky to be given opportunities and to work with amazing brands and companies. I want to use it to do good and help others and that is what motivates me.

It may appear that I’m getting all these ‘freebies’ you might say. They are gifted PR Products for the purpose of advertising.

It doesn’t come easy and it’s a lot of work behind the scenes, a lot.




Social media can be a great place to meet people and collaborate…but it also has a dark side…

This week I have experienced my first trolling! Not even on Instagram, Facebook 👍🏻🤣

It’s really not very nice but Maybe it means I’m doing something right…

First come the trolls then….who knows…

I have had to deal which much more important issues at late other than social media so as hard as it is (because I am a total worrier and softy at heart) I will take it with a pinch of salt and I’m going to have to get a stronger back bone 🦴

Struggling at the moment with anxiety?

I’ve seen a theme lately as well. It is really not uncommon. Most of us have been there at some point

A few things I swear by…

1. concentrate your energy on you and positives

2. Remember you are not accountable to anyone. You have absolutely no control what other people do on here, so there is no point worrying about it. The more you worrying about others, the less productive you are with your own life. Step back to your side of the pavement and take the monkeys off your back, they are not yours to carry.

3. Do what you love and enjoy what you do!

4. You don’t need to prove anything to anybody

5. Remember 💡 it’s social media. it is not your real life. so if it’s getting where it’s becoming antisocial and harmful then you might need to rethink your choices. Take control.

hope you are all okay and looking after yourselves! I am here if anyone needs support or to talk, just drop me a DM.

Love and Light 🙌

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